Born in Turkey, 1991.


Bachelor of Fine Arts / BA (Hons) 2013 in design from Regent's University, London. Interior designer by day and a secret artist by night.


I started sketching professionally after graduating, mostly making architectural sketches and later went on to experimenting with conceptual art illustrations, loosely based on subject matters concerning isolation and depression. My favourite mediums to use are pencils, charcoal, ink, alcohol based markers and watercolours. I use various software products to vectorize some pieces to add extra layers and morph them into multimedia illustrations.


Highly influenced by the masters of Renaissance, I love sketching old buildings and sculptures as the intricacy of the details fascinate me. 


I call my gallery 'the bedroom art journal' as majority of my work is created in my most comfortable zone, my bedroom.


Illustrator x Designer
Summer Bummer - Lana Del Rey ft. Future